Snippets XXXXV – Hire Up and Ammo Down

(Above is a screenshot showing the Hireables toggle in options ^^) The option is part of a new feature in r33, which allows your characters (or characters you’ve gotten via mods) to appear as random recruitable crew at various places in the game. If you toggle it off, it only spawns randomly generated crew, basically […]

Snippets XXXXIV – Saardan work continuesssss

Saardan’s main town (ignore the bright spots, some weird graphics glitch in editor xD) Tiny drydock of sorts ^^ Random pretty nook :3 Lots of desert in the distance. Very Saardan view honestly x) Along the desert there are a few oases with camps in them, another place to meet characters in besides the main […]

Snippets XXXXIII – Crew and Screw Co.

(We’re not going to talk about the cover screenshot yet :3) New crew manager that will be added in the next release <3 It’ll allow you to set your active landing crew and can pool a much larger selection of crew than before. These are still all “minor crew” aka sailors ^^ We went through […]

Snippets XXXXI – Saardan progress, sailing, and cameras!

Above is a screenshot of progress on Saardan’s “main” biome, kinda a mix between savannah and a desert ^^ A spiky biome is visible behind the trees and other plants, and red deep desert further away. The “spiky tooth” biome that was visible in the screenshot before ^^ Random view that looks nice ^^ Different […]

Snippets XXXIX – Cold feet brrr!

Iskaai is a smallish island further north from Skiia. Slightly colder in climate, and quite a bit dryer island in comparison, but it is the home to the Heev, the primary hare species on Skiir :3 The main town-… err, village-… I mean, hamlet, of sorts, on the island is called Herlstead. It is really […]

Snippets XXXVIII – Iskaai Heev

All Heev work is now complete and the species is basically ready for release :3 Next release will likely have Heev huntable on Skiia again, as is tradition (can we call doing it once before a tradition? Probably not!) with new species, but they’ll eventually get their own island(s) ^^ Selection of skins and tails […]

Snippets XXXVII – Land ahoy~!

Overworld sailing map tests :3 There’s still much to set up visually + some GUI to mark the ports, but the basic ideas are there; points of interests to explore (sunken ship top right), floating treasure (mid right, super realistic), shoals that slow you down (the lighter spots). Most of the stuff are still placeholders, […]

Snippets XXXVI – Stop, Hareing Time!

Progress on the next species; the Heev (aka a hare) ^^ Still missing a lot of things (namely fur, eyes, and the pattern is just a temp fox pattern with different colors). We’ll talk about the a bit claws later ;3 There will be two main species of the Heev, the first one is the […]