Snippets XXXX – Sailing with XXX is great, sailing with XXXX is the best

Zoomed up (down?) view on the sailing map of the Skiia. There will be some additional guis for the Kirhaal name tag and some other things likely too, and the ship is visually static, but getting there ^^

Zoomed out by Iskaai. The height of the island is visually slightly more intense than it probably would need to be, but I kinda like it. It’s an island cake <3

Also literally moved there. Not “faked” for screenshots x)

And yes you can dock too. The very core of the world map travel is basically done, just needs some eye candy around the sea between the three islands, and some polish for release of the first pass ^^

Kizan from afar. Yup! It’s a small island. Also Goddess statue’s head poking through the woods as it should be. Scale is more compressed tho ^^

Also; Save game improvements and grouping. 

Save games grouped per character! <3

With luv <3