Snippets XV – Kizan Tweak Pass

More progress shots on Kizan ^^ The basic lighting is now warmer and tinted towards purple, to give a nice little exotic sheen to light and make the island feel more unique lighting wise too! Some wilder and stronger ground coverage, classics for jungles :3 Also a detail pass is made for the waterfalls, to […]

Snippets XIV – Crew Act Prototype

(First and foremost; If the video preview doesn’t work, here’s a direct link to the video itself: x) ) Please watch the video with sounds before reading further. You don’t have to, but it’s easier to explain it ;3 As you know, currently the crew acts (random acts in the wilderness with followers, as […]


(Just a pair of cover wobblers for stuff below) Been largely fixing jiggle effects as an ongoing task to improve Hunt and Snare characters in general; Above you can see jiggles applying better in acts (before this it was fluid outside acts, but rather rigid and stiff in acts), besides being sped up to make […]

Snippets XII – Logbook Look

Onfe’s been busy designing and painting us some new GUI things for the future; First of which is the logbook (above, the base template for different pages). The basic idea is that your logbook is your management AND information tool with a lot of things crammed in that you can browse, read, and manage in […]


NEW PUPPY EYES BAWHG At the same time subtle, and not so subtle changes to eye shaders. The old eye shader relied on environment giving enough reflections to make the eyes look soulful, but there were a lot of cases where it just didn’t work because there wasn’t any bright sources to reflect ^^ Technically […]

Snippets X – Welcome to the Jungle!

It is misty at the top, spooky jungle below! Still very much WIP, lighting is largely similar to Skiia still, so the overall mood will go through many changes before it is “visitable” in-game ^^ The jungle itself is far below the sea level and there’s massive waterfalls all around the island. Massive WIP waterfalls, […]

Snippets IX – Sex Means Six

Well, to be honest, six means gunplay improvements right now! Above you can see some of the basic changes; – The firing animation is now (well, next patch!) a lot less “kicky” so that it doesn’t ruin your second shot as easily. – The smoke from firing no longer obscures your vision nearly as badly; […]

Snippets VIII – Road Ful of Furs

All fuls (foxes, for those who don’t know the in-game name for them) in game currently are just regular davh with fox colors. In short term (next build-ish) the fuls will finally get a proper davh subspecies morpher for them; That means, while they share a lot of davh features, they’ll be more fox like […]