Snippets XIV – Crew Act Prototype

(First and foremost; If the video preview doesn’t work, here’s a direct link to the video itself: x) )

Please watch the video with sounds before reading further. You don’t have to, but it’s easier to explain it ;3

As you know, currently the crew acts (random acts in the wilderness with followers, as opposed to full acts with writing and stages) are just a simple loop without much else to them. They’ve always kinda been temporary things and it’s always been our intention to eventually make them “staged” of sorts, a mini version of the full acts instead of just singular loops ^^

The above is a prototype, work in progress, but still far enough to show a test preview of it. The act in the video is on “auto”, so it automatically progresses through a slow and fast stage (different animations, but in the prototype it’s less pronounced than it’ll be with other animations), hitting an “orgasm” -trigger in the end and basically going through orgasm loops automatically and progressing into an outro.

The basic idea is that you can control the progression normally, speed up, slow down, stop progression, or “force” orgasm, but you could also “submit” to an act depending on which act it is and then it is automatically controlled by the character you’re sexing with, with you having no say on speed or when the orgasm is triggered. We won’t have non-consensual content in the game, so there won’t be NPCs that will just grab and bang, but you might lose in a fight with pirates and be given an option to either lose valuables, or have a bang with you having no control over progression itself, or some such ^^

Another changes are that there are more voices in the preview video; More orgasmic huffing and puffing and exhausted breathing in the end *gasp*

There’s still a lot of things I want to prototype with before we’ll start on working to turn all acts to these kinds of animation types. I have quite a few things on my “wishlist” and there’s a lot of animations to work through once we commit to it, so this is definitely a long term goal thing ^^

Fun fact; There’s currently 103 unique single loop crew acts in-game. Each staged crew act will need a slow or fast version done (the existing animation will be the other type, depending on animation), an orgasm loop, and outro loop. So once we start making these, we’ll need to make 309 new animations to support the 103 staged acts which means we’ll eventually have 412 single animations tweak and redo if something changes later, that’s why I want to prototype and ensure the system is fit for it on the first “go”… hah… Sorry Hareress <3! x)

Fun fact #2; I just wanted to check, so… There’s currently this many animations in Hunt and Snare that are related to full acts, single acts, or NPCs:

Porn games are animation heavy? YEAH! KINDA! A LITTLE BIT! xD

With luv <3