(Just a pair of cover wobblers for stuff below)

Been largely fixing jiggle effects as an ongoing task to improve Hunt and Snare characters in general; Above you can see jiggles applying better in acts (before this it was fluid outside acts, but rather rigid and stiff in acts), besides being sped up to make the effect more pronounced and tad bit low framerate in gif, you can see the tail is more fluid in general. Don’t worry it won’t look like that normally, just more fluid and softer in movement x)

Another thing I’m working on is a “softbody” layer for characters; It basically adds tertiary motion (if primary motion is the bone animation, like character walking, and secondary motion is jiggle bones, like fluid tails, moving breasts, floppy ears, and such) to breasts and body. Below you can see how it affects the large breasts; It is applied to the top of the breasts to give fluider movement and a softer feel to the breasts.

It’s actually applied to stomach too, but it is not visible in the gif ^^

Here is how it looks like in-game now (NEW ABOVE, OLD BELOW); Basically it lacks the upward counter motion of the top half of the breast that’s added

Here you can see the same effect when wiggling the character up and down in main menu; The breast top has additional motion, when in the past it was basically “rigid” (only bending with the chest bones)

Same effect applied to butt, which doesn’t have a jiggle bone animation like breasts do;

And more full act previews :3

The doggo on bottom is a placeholder while animating, but the doggo on top will be a ful you’ll be meeting later (her full colors and muzzle is not set up yet)

With luv <3