Snippets XII – Logbook Look

Onfe’s been busy designing and painting us some new GUI things for the future; First of which is the logbook (above, the base template for different pages). The basic idea is that your logbook is your management AND information tool with a lot of things crammed in that you can browse, read, and manage in it ^^

The logbook is a long term goal (as in not coming in the next release), but its first pass will likely have a rumor log (basically functions as a quest log, but not all information added to rumor log are quests, some are literally just rumors), a save log (basically allowing you to make saves wherever you are, and load saves, instead of just talking to Juin at dock), and then a few information entries about the player (stats, tags, such), ship (fluff information mostly), factions (short descriptions and flags), and such ^^

The other thing is a short term goal; Compass and Clock (…bar name? xD)

Concept sketch; Will obviously get more detail and color and shading and such! Ignore the paper tag on the top right ^^

The basic idea is that if you have a compass or a clock, you get them to appear on the map screen (and later on, likely, on the logbook menu). The map itself will get a few additional helpers too if you have a compass, not just in the corner, but it’s just a concept screen so it doesn’t have any in-game things in it. However, there won’t be a compass in the main game screen, as I try to keep the game as minimal with gui elements as possible ^^

The note on top right is related to the logbook later on; You’ll be able to pin some rumors to your map screen for faster reference ^^

With luv <3