Snippets XXX – Sailing WIPs

NOTE: Everything in this Snippet are *VERY MUCH* work in progress visually and gameplay wise here. Raw raw raw gifs in essence, so pay that in mind while reading and watching gifs <3 The gif above showcases a simple AI that is following a ship and is trying to shoot at the ship it is […]

Snippets XXIX – Upcoming modding features

Ability to place custom spawners is showcased above; Basically modders can replicate our basic spawners to add more spawners in-game to add more prey in specific places, or for example add specific spawners that add their custom prey in-game as something that spawns only in a specific spot ^^ Ability to add custom items, although […]

Snippets XXVIII – Sailing Concept

A mockup sailing screen above ^^ Mockup basically meaning a concept image to convey a concept/feel of a mechanic and show what it might look like in the future ^^ My horrible mouse writing explaining basic heading changes while sailing. It’ll behave the same way in Combat (a more micro scale sailing with combat) and […]

Snippets XXVII – Skiia Deco Pass

One of the upcoming build’s features is a decoration pass for both Skiia (pictured here) and for Kizan. This Snippet is more about the Skiia pass however and Kizan will be for a one later on ^^ The basic problem with Skiia is that there isn’t enough to see and find in it, so the […]