Snippets XXIX – Upcoming modding features

Ability to place custom spawners is showcased above; Basically modders can replicate our basic spawners to add more spawners in-game to add more prey in specific places, or for example add specific spawners that add their custom prey in-game as something that spawns only in a specific spot ^^

Ability to add custom items, although this is just for custom item “icon”, not mesh items, but it will allow adding unique quest items and random items in-game ^^

As custom items define the actual color of the clothes, modders will also be able to add new color variations of (most) clothes. Some items have static colors, but for basically anything you see with color variations, those will be customizable when modders add new items in-game ^^

Also, for longer term modding goals; Progress on custom material definitions for characters:

It’ll also include ability to sculpt characters (externally) and create full visual replacements for characters. So if you want to make things like the Halloween/Yule characters are, or how Horveek is visually (scarred and charred skin), it’ll be possible for modders ^^

With luv <3