Snippets XXX – Sailing WIPs

NOTE: Everything in this Snippet are *VERY MUCH* work in progress visually and gameplay wise here. Raw raw raw gifs in essence, so pay that in mind while reading and watching gifs <3

The gif above showcases a simple AI that is following a ship and is trying to shoot at the ship it is chasing ^^

Basic tests with handling the ship. The gui on right is game engine’s gui, and it’s just there for testing purposes, as everything will eventually be handled “in the world” ^^

Some early variable tests for ship cannons, including various stats that can affect each cannon type that’ll be in game (also a small typo x)). 

The basic idea is that all cannon types you or enemies can use will be defined with these stats, and will vary from small pounder sniper cannons to big chunky short range ship blasters to rotary cannons and shrapnel cannons <3

More cannon testing. Not a realistic situation the ship would encounter, but testing is sometimes weird. The number pop ups are just temp, and generally there won’t be just health bars as it’s more like you have a ship info sheet that shows status of various hull sections, but health bars are great for quick testing ^^

The basic idea with damage is that you get repairable damage, and permanent damage (health blocker). The repairable damage is something that can be repaired while sailing, just small repairs, fixes to hull, and so on, and “permanent” damage is damage that needs dry docking to repair. Basically every time you take damage, you take both repairable and permanent damage, and eventually you’ll need to dock and get the ship properly repaired before continuing ^^

Gif showing simple wind effects. You can always sail at some speed (not realistic, yeah, but more fun gameplay wise) and rather than ever encountering dead wind, you always have some speed multiplier, and depending on situation and direction it might be a speed boost or a penalty ^^

With luv <3