Gaze XX – Navigate. Swim. Unnavigate.

This week we’ve been mostly wrapping up the features of r5.24.2 and fighting against pesky Unity Engine bugs (such as characters spawning in the “sea” under the terrain because for some reason Unity prefers that navigation surface more than the one on the terrain). Here you can see the issue: The pink would be the […]

Gaze XIX – Fakes and Shakes

Optimization pass for the Kirhaal is complete, here’s some comparisons (ignore FPS, it’s from Unity editor and doesn’t really represent much game performance wise): OLD – 5139 batches (draw calls), 7.6M triangles NEW – 3408 batches (draw calls), 3.8M triangles The change is not massive for close ups for Kirhaal because it’s primarily a custom […]