Gaze XX – Navigate. Swim. Unnavigate.

This week we’ve been mostly wrapping up the features of r5.24.2 and fighting against pesky Unity Engine bugs (such as characters spawning in the “sea” under the terrain because for some reason Unity prefers that navigation surface more than the one on the terrain).

Here you can see the issue:

The pink would be the “accurate” standing position of characters and it should go around the same position as the blue one that is the navigation surface. So basically Unity tells us that the characters should navigate above the ground, but stand under the ground. Exactly what we don’t want xD

How we fixed it was basically model out the sea, and instead of having one large “plane” covering the whole sea, we had just the sea with the island removed from it and “baked” the new standing position and navigation mesh with a “hollow sea” mesh. The mesh we made for this purpose looks like this:

It doesn’t really change anything visually in-game, but it allows us to go around Unity bug… oh joy xD

No pink under the ground! Apparently Unity doesn’t draw the pink over the blue, so it’s not even visible here, but it is there x)

But now, thankfully, we’re past that issue and the crew saving and reloading is good to go :3

Also I only now realized we had completely forgotten to add a male with vagina as a playable character option… sorry! ^^’ Meet Erri Bronzeriver! And like with what is the theme with the Scraven (except Sarra), he also has a white pattern on his face.

We also improved the mesh gaps (visible on certain characters and acts) between character components, but there’s still some artifacting here and there. Need to figure out what causes it before it can be fully eliminated ^^

Things complete; Options menu, crew handling, new map system, and bunch of fixes and other things, and still missing; Conversation animations for the new character in crew camp.

That’ll then wrap up the r5.24 ^^

Back to work!



P.s. The island poll is still open ( ) and you can vote until the r5.24.2 comes out ^^