Gaze XXI – Work with no Play is just Work!

Heya! <3

Last three weeks were primarily spent in build release work (r5.24.2, and wrapping up r5.24 with the .3 build), and now we’re finishing up “a post-release” -cleanup phase; A period when you can safely update the engine and tools (e.g. Unity Engine from 2018.2.22 to 2018.4.8), and fix some outstanding issues, clean up unneeded things from the project, fix and improve code here and there, and prepare for the next “milestone”. This is done so that the project won’t bloat up unnecessarily and to minimize “long term fatigue” to code. It’s like fixing your roof or shoes, before the weather goes through it ^^

For the r5.25 we’re focusing on a character controller overhaul, and the inventory system. 

The character controller rework has been long overdue, but there has been so many things on our collective plates that we haven’t had time to start on it before now. 

For the inventory system we’re going with small accessories as the first preview build (remember preview builds? We did them once and forgot about them xD), such as piercings, hats, and such, and then the first set of clothes for the second preview build. And once the system is in, we can keep on adding more and more things as we go along. It’s one of those things that can be easily produced more content for ^^

But do check out our Trello (here ) for more information about what we’re planning for r5.25. Some of them might sound a bit “weird” because Trello also serves as our tasklist reminder ^^

Also, the Island poll is over and the results are here!

The next island we’ll go into is a jungle island :3

It is still quite a while ahead though, but similarly to how we did with Skiia, it’ll serve as a template to build on and expand. Skiia will still get love, but it no longer requires “base changes”, only content, places to go to, and people to meet ^^

With luv <3