Gaze XXII – Inventing Inventory Inventorying!

Here’s a little sneak peek into the player inventory, so you can better guess what it is like and what it will be like :3

Last week we primarily worked on the upcoming inventory system (some basics like moving items around, using tiles, and such) and new character controller system (replacing the old one, improving basic controls and shootin’) and continuing both into this week :3

Onfe ( ) is our new inventory artist and they’ve been mostly drawing the “missing items” (items we talk about in conversations, but never give or show to player) but there’s quite a few new items being added too like paint sets and dyes (which will be usable to dye clothes later on too).

The pattern painting sets is something that’ll come in the first preview build for inventory system; You’ll find different kinds of patterns (e.g. Scraven mask, or erh.. racing stripes, or some heart butt stamp) in-game, some discoverable, others purchasable, and then you can combine it with a dye to create a paint set and apply that to your character (or crew later on) ^^

The pattern painting set will not be spent when used, but it will technically be “worn” like clothes are (equippable item) and need to be removed to remove it from character. The dye is lost, but the pattern is not. You can just remove it, apply new dye, and re-apply the pattern. This may change, but that is the current plan :3

The dye sets will be something that we’ll use on other things too, such as the clothes. You won’t be able to dye “THE HAT THAT SCREAMS ANGRILY” but there’ll be other hats eventually that you can x)

Also, I feel like I need to say this out loud due to the current culture in game development, but there’s no plans for iAP or real money shops or anything like that. You get in-game money by selling things you find, by finding currency in-game, or by trading in guild currency got from hunting to form of currency used in normal shopping ^^’

That said, we’ll probably have dual currency in-game; Pieces of drake is the basic currency you use to purchase pretty much everything, and then you have the guild drakes which you only get by hunting. The idea with dual currency is that we can have certain types of items really easily accessible to the player and a type of currency that flows really quickly both ways, but still have the ability to give value to more unique things that are harder to get, and more thoughtful to get. You can convert guild drakes to pieces of drake, but you can’t convert them other way around, because guild drakes are more akin to renown and symbols of prowess than mere coins.

There will eventually be different kinds of ammo in-game, generally the more powder it has, the further it flies, but more expensive it will also be. The dart (the claws will slide back) will lose power the longer it flies, so some species with thicker skin will be harder to tranquilize from a distance especially with low powder ammo ^^

Species will also require different kind of tranquilizer solution to hunt, so it adds a small layer of preplanning… 

…and ability to react in case something goes awry x)

Also sometimes I’m a bad boss and manager, and I forgot to announce our new writer, Kadisurmik ( ). I’m sorry! 

Kadisurmik wrote majority of the characters for the r5.24, including Kess’ act. They wrote more than 30k words for the build, which is just massive amount. I think Kadi has literally by now, doubled the number of words in the whole game, which is absolute brilliance ^^

That’s all for now! 

I think?

Do I think?

I do!

Huzzah! <3