Gaze XXIII – Piercings? Dancings? Piercings and Dancing!

The cover image is actually a bug, no, dancing is not confirmed. The character is trying to walk sideways and forward at the same time, and it results in… …dancing x)

Our focus on inventory system and controller rework continues and is progressing very well. Not much longer until the basics are in and then we can start polishing, tweaking, and creating content proper ^^

I’ve been mostly preparing piercings for the first preview build because they’re the perfect test subject as they need to follow character shapes similarly to how the clothes will need to. It might sound funny why piercings are same as clothes. The reason for this is because the piercings need to update their position based on face and body shape, but unlike clothes, they don’t need to deform based on the body itself. So it’s a great way to go in stages for items from simple to complicated ^^

There’s going to be plenty of options for places to put piercings in and there’s a large set of options to pick from. Metallic ones for the first pass ^^

Obviously, you don’t have to use piercings, some NPCs will definitely :3

Here’s a few locations for show (nose middle, nose inner left and right, nose outer left and right, and bridge 1-4 locators). More will obviously be there and these are just a few examples of the types. I’ve posted piercing showcase a long time ago, so you might have seen these before, but they’re now finally coming x)

In other news; Kadi is going to write even more for us as they’re starting a six month contract with us for writing characters, and planning lore and plot(s) with me. Can’t wait! ^^