Snippets VII – TITNOTD Trash Is The Name Of The Day… err!

I was doing something completely different when I suddenly noticed the perfect placement of windows xD (Also if you look closely, you may spot something upcoming, not in this release though, spooky) Fleet-Admiral Horveek’s Dragonfire fleet jacket. It is a variation of the stylish admiral jacket in game. Someone said he looked a bit “mundane” […]

Snippets VI – Topbottomtopbottomtopbottom

Ability to switch swap position in acts where it is applicable (generally MxM and FxF acts switching) ^^ When? Next build! Whaaat? Next Build? *Her fur explodes from joyous surprise* Speaking of funny bugs; There half of her goes! Above is a raw keyframe pose stages of a full act with a smaller foxo on […]

Snippets V – Bulges of the Bulge Throne!

Technical zoom initiated! Indeed. It is a bulge. One left side you can see how bulge size was originally calculated on penis states for the pants, and on the right you can see how it is now calculated. In the other news, less bulging with mathemagicks, continuation to the modding debugging tools (like the position […]

Snippets IV – Meet the Lizard

Post cover image is just a lizard going to meet a lizard (also I realized I took other screenshots with different characters, harh! I switch characters constantly so it happens easily xD) In the next build you’ll meet the first major plot important character; Fleet-Admiral Horveek of the Dragonfire Fleet. He is a Skiirborn and […]

Snippets III – Debugger and Dehugger

Single loop full act preview (with fake background scene xD) Also look at how pretty the underwater now looks <3 There’s really no plans for underwater gameplay, but sometimes the camera accidentally gets under the waves and you got a weird buggy transparent square in the past but that’ll be fixed for the next build […]

Snippets II – Accessibility tweaks

There’s a lot of things Hunt and Snare needs to improve on the accessibility front, but one of the most barebones problem is the important information delivered by the item mouse over info ^^ In here is an example of a mundane leg item: The information missing were the rarity as text, which for anyone […]

Snippets I

Screenshots from upcoming Showroom atmosphere overhauls; Gone are the table and other props that were in the scene just so that animations can be played in place, there are some background noises now instead of complete silence, and some scenes have been touched a lot, and new ones added (though for clarity’s sake we used […]