Hunt and Snare – r5.26 – Release Date Announcement!

Hunt and Snare r5.26 releases on Steam on 30th of March, 2021 (…which is my birthday, hah!)

r5.26 Changelist:

  • NEW Major Character / FxM full act – Fleet-Admiral Horveek of the Dragonfire Fleet – A Skiirborn admiral who is second highest ranked member in the Dragonfire Fleet. You’ll be meeting him a few times along the story, and characters with vagina can get a bit deeper meeting the first time too!
  • NEW Major Character – Advisor Selis, a regal ex-captain of The Unnamed.
  • NEW Characters – A duo of short stocky cute kizan guards with Horveek.
  • NEW Character – Ribbons, a black market coin vendor – Replaces temporary function from Myghan as the Guild Drake converter, and offers a few additional ways to complete item related quests.
  • NEW Store stock updating – Vendors now update and refresh their stocks, getting new items for sale, removing old items, and so on. Updating happens at different times making passing of time more important than prior (see next entry).
  • NEW Sleeping function – You can now rent a room at The Cotton Ball and sleep there to pass time. The “free bed” in the old shack is gone though, due to sleep actually having a gameplay meaning now. You can re-sleep only after enough time has passed from the last time you slept; It is basically sleep time + 50% to determine when you’re tired enough to sleep. E.g. If you slept to the morning and it was only 4 hours to it, you can’t re-sleep before 6 hours have passed after waking up. Maximum sleep delay is 18 hours.
  • NEW Showroom stage rework – Improvements to atmosphere of old stages with lighting, audio, stage naming, and decoration. Showroom stages no longer use generic locations with table prop and instead uses fitting locations within the stages themselves.
  • NEW Showroom stages – Inn room, and Cellar mini stages.
  • NEW Item hover accessibility rework – Item hover info now displays colors of clothes in writing, and also displays both rarity name and item type in writing. E.g. cloth color: “red shirt”, item type: “piercing”, and rarity: “uncommon”.
  • NEW Increased crew size – You can now have 5 crew members to ensure you can keep a higher variety of crew.
  • NEW Trash cans – Have a lot of pesky items you just want to get rid of? Donate them to the trash cans! Also people occasionally throw away items, so you might find something new in the trash cans as time goes by.
  • A Secret.
  • Improved bulge size calculation for pants to increase bulge size.
  • Improved camera sensitivity options (in options menu).
  • Improved inventory item equipping slot highlighting.
  • Improved underwater rendering of the sea when the camera accidentally goes underwater.
  • Improved randomization of random acts to minimize repeating and increase selection.
  • Improved performance of jiggly parts like breasts, tails, ears, and penis.
  • Improved performance/memory usage of character fur.
  • Improved general NPC, animation, and spawner performance optimization.
  • Improved prey capture and crew follow handling; New capture will only automatically follow if you don’t have a follower with you.
  • Improved camera zoom values by allowing longer zoom out in acts.
  • Improved item recovery checks for unique items (like map markers, gold bottle, Stringer, or hat).
  • Improved character cursor look at the Main Menu.
  • Improved usage of bed in Showroom acts.
  • Writing improvements to many older NPCs to react to new NPCs, improvements to their opinion and tag checks, and general fixes to spelling.
  • Writing fixes internally to Tecius, Girda, Gwenevieve, and Fenry. They will basically rerun their “first meeting” part of the conversation before settling in
  • Writing fixes to lizards being referred to as being furred in many places in the conversations.
  • Fixed huge breasts defaulting to inverted nipples.
  • Fixed paperdoll not resetting properly when equipping crew members.
  • Fixed Debyrrah act missing bedroll (not sure which build it was missing from though).
  • Fixed only fog and semi-cloudy weather appearing in game.
  • Fixed prey getting tranquilized while swimming; They’ll now only get tranquilized after they’ve been out of swimming mode for three seconds.
  • Fixed Spirit quest checking wrong for the juicy davh drop, and also general improvements to flow of the quest in case player already has one.
  • Fixed prey spawners constantly spawning new prey next to the player.
  • Fixed prey occasionally spawning in view.
  • Fixed capture animation messing up player’s neck.
  • Fixed traders adding unsellable items into their stock and/or trying to sell unsellable items at zero value.
  • Fixed players getting stuck inside Magistrate’s mansion walls by adding more rocks so it’s easier to jump out xD
  • Fixed casings falling into sea occasionally causing massive performance tanking.
  • Fixed opening inventory not stopping autorun properly.
  • Fixed on hover info hovering on screen after closing inventory.
  • Fixed inverted palettes on character creator color templates.
  • Fixed being able to override the autosave slot with custom save that would then in turn get overridden by autosave.
  • Fixed Juin’s troubles opening her notebook; Was it glued? Was it fake? We’ll never know.

With luv <3