Quick’n’Small update on progress and stuff <3

(Please note no volcano island you can dock on, it’s just decoration xD …for now at least… uh…)

Hi! I just wanted to make a quick update so everyone knows where we are at the moment ^^

BUILD STATUS; Doing final tests for the build, and it should basically be ready for early release *very* soon. Counting days or even just hours, not months! The primary meat of the update is definitely sailing, polishing and detailing of Iskaai, and adding some missing features to items (namely dyes, but also some other items, but primarily dyes). The writing work is less on this build tho, hence why we’re looking for writers. Just so you know what to expect. I never want to outsell anything (I don’t like how AAA industry overhypes everything up… I escaped it to here, so, yeah xD)

WRITER APPLICATIONS; Once the build is out, we’ll start going through the applications. There’s 12 applications to go through, which is very cool! ^^

Reward for reading this; Saardan port inn’s rooms :3