Snippets XXXXIV – Saardan work continuesssss

Saardan’s main town (ignore the bright spots, some weird graphics glitch in editor xD)

Tiny drydock of sorts ^^

Random pretty nook :3

Lots of desert in the distance. Very Saardan view honestly x)

Along the desert there are a few oases with camps in them, another place to meet characters in besides the main town ^^ 

Also red sand dunes are my favorite <3

Gazebo (No, Eric, it’s just a gazebo) at hot springs ^^

Just random hammock screenshot from around the place because it looks nice <3

Also, a ferry between the two halves of Saardan ^^

More sailing feedback for next build; Barks when you approach something, in the gif it shows you a bark when the lookout spots Kirhaal, bark when there’s a point of interest in water, and bark when you start docking ^^

Also in the gif, you have a turquoise sailing marker when clicking to an empty spot, and it turns yellow when you set sail to an interaction point, so you know better what is going on ^^

Things currently on the working board for next build;

  • Hireable random NPCs that appear in taverns at random (generated and/or drawn from characters available in player’s character list)
  • Ammo usage
  • Respawning loot at seas
  • More Iskaai NPCs

Also few other things that aren’t ready for showing / mentioning yet x)

With luv <3