Snippets XXXXV – Hire Up and Ammo Down

(Above is a screenshot showing the Hireables toggle in options ^^)

The option is part of a new feature in r33, which allows your characters (or characters you’ve gotten via mods) to appear as random recruitable crew at various places in the game. If you toggle it off, it only spawns randomly generated crew, basically the same way as prey exists in-game; random bits and pieces, colors from palettes and so on and so forth ^^

The created characters are unique in a way that it won’t spawn your current one, nor spawn multiples of already recruited characters ^^

Quick blow through dialogue of a temp character just to show how it works x)

We still haven’t finalized the basic dialogue of the recruitables, but they do have a very simple dialogue / haggling when hiring them, along with a simple personality. The sum displayed is not final!

Also, as ammo will be meaningful from the next build forward; There’s been some additional work put to how reloading works, namely, if you switch ammo types or equip a gun, it automatically reloads the gun too ^^

The basic concept of ammo is threefold;

1) You have matching ammo for the prey

2) You have unmatching ammo for the prey

3) You have wrong type of ammo

If you have matching ammo for the prey, the tranquilizer works the same way as before; you shoot, and if the dart hits the target, they will run around for a while, and then pass out. There’s a small change to this, and the prey will slow down as the tranquilizer works its course, so basically half way through, they start walking instead of running. This is more important in the next bit :3

If you have unmatching ammo for the prey, e.g. you are using a faelain solution against davh, then the tranquilizing solution isn’t strong enough to pass out the target, but it will still work down to the slowed down phase. So you’ll need a second shot to make them pass out.

Now, third case is the wrong type of ammo. This is basically two cases, but combined into one; if you have anti-aggro ammo, it doesn’t do anything yet, or if you have wrong ammo type itself equipped, it won’t be loadable into the gun and you can’t shoot.

By wrong ammo type I mean that the short ammo is for a feller, rifle ammo is for your trusted Stinger, and the long ammo is for a great rifle later ^^

Here’s just a gif showing shooting various number of ammo out of the gun and so forth, because the gun takes 2 shots max, but you can also reload just one ^^

Type of ammo. The prices are also adjusted ^^

Aaalso, this may not look much per se, but it shows random spawning loot on the sailing map. Basically, the longer you spend on sailing, or outside of sailing map, the more likely new loot is to spawn on the sailing map if you have looted existing objects ^^

Modding addition for ability to use Yarn variables with text notes ^^

You can do quite a few tricks with it if you’re modding and building notes (it’s also kinda important for us internally, so that we can write notes about the player and so on xD)

Also treat in the end :3

With luv <3