Snippets XXII – Mappers Union

Comparison between Skiia (remade map) and Kizan (new island, and new map) ^^ The Kizan map is approximately the same “size” as the old Skiia map was in the map view, but Skiia map wasn’t really in “scale” with the island itself, so the new map of Skiia is made in same scale now ^^ […]

Snippets XXI – Introductions Are In Order!

(Same images in larger quality on Imgur, might be more readable there Currently working on intro cinematic screens. The player character is represented fully in the cinematic screens, so in this case it’s my black and yellow lizard but for you it would be the character you started the game with ^^ Basically there […]

Snippets XX – Narratory Workshop

Above you can see a quick presentation on a mod uploader for Steam Workshop. It’ll be inside the game itself, so you can easily test your mod and then upload the mod directly to Steam Workshop ^^ The visual look of the uploader is still largely wip, but functionality is basically showcased there, except for […]

Snippets XIX – Island Hopper

Above is showcasing the temporary “travel” between islands. Eventually it’ll be replaced, but till we get to it, that’s basically how it’ll go so that we can introduce new islands before the actual sailing gameplay is a thing ^^ Modding example of adding fishing spots as an example mod. It is fully driven by our […]