Snippets XIX – Island Hopper

Above is showcasing the temporary “travel” between islands. Eventually it’ll be replaced, but till we get to it, that’s basically how it’ll go so that we can introduce new islands before the actual sailing gameplay is a thing ^^

Modding example of adding fishing spots as an example mod. It is fully driven by our conversation system, but contextually only as interaction spots instead of characters like normally ^^

On above you can see a hot key used to copy location player is looking at to quickly create location information block for .pail mod file.

Here’s a still from the .pail file; Above you can see “locations”:[] defined for where the interaction is spawned in, the yarn file and node associated with it ^^

And here’s a simple example of it in action. Technically there could be an idle animation played for player (there’s no fishing animation though, but, I mean, player could take a hunched pose of one of the older faelain fishers on Kirhaal xD), and items given if player is successful, maybe some item consumed on use to try your luck, or whatever else modder wants to do, as long as it’s largely handled by text it’s doable ^^

There’s a lot of things that can be done with just the conversation system, be it bound to actual characters, or objects in the world. All our NPCs are written with this, same as “interactable” objects in the world ^^

With luv <3