Snippets XX – Narratory Workshop

Above you can see a quick presentation on a mod uploader for Steam Workshop. It’ll be inside the game itself, so you can easily test your mod and then upload the mod directly to Steam Workshop ^^

The visual look of the uploader is still largely wip, but functionality is basically showcased there, except for ability to require specific mods to function, e.g in case of character mods using some other mod’s patterns.

On narratory front;

Narratory blurbs! :3

It’ll be simplified and compacted, but basically option blurbs that NPCs or other things can speak out when player is in hearing range of the source.

Automatic conversation trigger! When Pail needs to suck you in to conversation with him xD The example case in the gif in test level has Juin triggering, but Pail would be THE one.

Would not be used “constantly”, just in specific cases where the player shouldn’t miss an NPC and the NPC itself triggers the conversation, e.g. Pail being alert and ready to pen the player, he’d trigger a conversation to discuss the Port Authority business with the player ^^

Notifications!… …uhm, not an actual notification example case, but example case would be new entries added to log later on, or map locations discovered, or similar things ^^

Something non-techy non-moddy for the end here :3

With luv <3