Snippets XXI – Introductions Are In Order!

(Same images in larger quality on Imgur, might be more readable there

Currently working on intro cinematic screens. The player character is represented fully in the cinematic screens, so in this case it’s my black and yellow lizard but for you it would be the character you started the game with ^^

Basically there are still screens and texts that describe the story or event for you, in this case the intro leading you from your curing to your arrival at Skiia. Each image has a few text entries, so while the images are in order, all the text isn’t visible in the few screens posted x)

Above is Rokhar, the hunter who cured you, who already gets a few mentions on Skiia from NPCs ^^

These kinds of cinematics will be used for other events in-game too, not just the intro. E.g. sometimes when entering a place for the first time, or some major thing happening in game, you might get an event cinematic similar to these ^^

The above is basically the “generalized” part of the intro (with just the screens, not all the text). Next few screens in the intro would be based on player’s background, and then a couple of screen for Skiia and start of the game ^^

On the other narratory things (ignore the snipped up Kirhaal, and floating things, it’s a test scene xD); The blurbs are now properly placed and following the speaker (or source for that matter) ^^

Also fur comes through clothes and lizard is hairy because it’s not yet filtering characters properly x)

Also technically anything can be a narratory blurb source xD

With luv <3