Snippets XXII – Mappers Union

Comparison between Skiia (remade map) and Kizan (new island, and new map) ^^

The Kizan map is approximately the same “size” as the old Skiia map was in the map view, but Skiia map wasn’t really in “scale” with the island itself, so the new map of Skiia is made in same scale now ^^

It kinda highlights the size of Skiia quite well now that it’s in same scale… it’s huge xD

It’ll be a bit more accurate detail wise too, and hopefully matching to player position will be easier as well now that it’s in proper scale. Basically 1 pixel on the map represents 1 meter on the island terrain ^^

We’re also adding more information on the map, currently just some locations and areas more defined, but later on there will be more “in-game information” displayed on it.

Here’s a close up on the Kizan. There’s still a few visual things to be changed, e.g. the waterfalls are a bit too bright and line size is possibly a bit on the thicker size ^^

Don’t worry you won’t have to go up and down the ramp every time! Kizan will have a jungle guide who will basically allow you to quick travel to certain points within the jungle (early on not to many locations, but later on will be expanded) :3

Also! Ever important micropolish;

Player looks at objects and characters you’re interacting with instead of staring dumbly to the void x)

With luv <3