Snippets XVIII – Jiggle jiggle

Basically this snippet is going to describe a much needed improvement to jiggles; It is now calculating and compensating for frame rate independence, instead of being dependent on the frame rate itself :3 The frame rate basically caused more jiggle to be applied to the tails the lower the frame rate was, basically it was […]

Snippets XVII – Color Me Surprised

Wait wait what are we looking at? Oh yeah! I reworked the “uncommon” prey palettes. Now it basically works so that instead of having slightly muddled up pastel colors in all three slots (before) it follows original prey colors based on each prey, and then applies a bright unique color depending on the prey type […]

Snippets XVI – Kizan Riders!

Another act preview for a lizard you’ll mea-.. Err, meet on Kizan later on :3 The lizard pictured is not the lizard you’ll meet though, he is just a temporary actor testing the act out! x) Below is a gif showing “portals” that take player between locations and eventually between islands (until sailing itself will […]