Snippets XVIII – Jiggle jiggle

Basically this snippet is going to describe a much needed improvement to jiggles; It is now calculating and compensating for frame rate independence, instead of being dependent on the frame rate itself :3

The frame rate basically caused more jiggle to be applied to the tails the lower the frame rate was, basically it was just looking at the difference in position, and when you have a low frame rate, the differences are bigger (as object is basically jumping across the screen as opposed to sliding across in higher fps)

This hopefully also fixes the “stuck tails” that don’t move around and at least internally in our testing it has, but we’ll see better if it still happens in the wider deployment when the next build comes out (no date yet, sorry!) ^^

Here’s some comparisons using our prototyping animation (Fun historical fact; It’s the first animation made for Hunt and Snare, gone through several iterations, tests, and new animation features, and every time something new is added, this is where it goes first xD). All gifs are recorded in 30 fps, so you won’t see the “actual” fps, but will see how the tail behaved in it originally. Pay attention to tails especially, rest is just artifacts of recording;

30 FPS – It wasn’t possible to lock FPS lower, but technically both old and new would have been identical around 20 fps, and quite close at 30 fps

New above, old below

45 FPS – The issue starts to show in “old” version more strongly ^^

New above, old below

60 FPS – The tail of the lighter character on right is basically “rigid” at this point

New above, old below

90 FPS – The old version tails at this point are basically just rigid, and only driven by simple bone animation, where as the new version is compensating or the high framerate and making the tail jiggle “more” per frame.

New above, old below

Now for a different kind of comparison; Here’s the OLD VERSION in 30 fps vs 90 fps:

You can see the tail basically loses the jiggleness of it due to the framerate (hah, funny how better framerate is worse, harh harh, and it took us a long time to find because the Unity Game Engine editor runs so badly so it’s basically giving us floppy jiggles 99% of the time)

And now comparison between 30 fps and 90 fps in NEW VERSION:

You can see there’s some variation between the framerates, but it is really minor compared to the old version, and the smoothness of the tail jiggles in general is far superior even with same frame rate ^^

With luv <3