Gaze XXII – Inventing Inventory Inventorying!

Last week we primarily worked on the upcoming inventory system (some basics like moving items around, using tiles, and such) and new character controller system (replacing the old one, improving basic controls and shootin’) and continuing both into this week :3 Onfe ( ) is our new inventory artist and they’ve been mostly drawing […]

Gaze XXI – Work with no Play is just Work!

Heya! <3 Last three weeks were primarily spent in build release work (r5.24.2, and wrapping up r5.24 with the .3 build), and now we’re finishing up “a post-release” -cleanup phase; A period when you can safely update the engine and tools (e.g. Unity Engine from 2018.2.22 to 2018.4.8), and fix some outstanding issues, clean up […]