Snippets XVI – Kizan Riders!

Another act preview for a lizard you’ll mea-.. Err, meet on Kizan later on :3 The lizard pictured is not the lizard you’ll meet though, he is just a temporary actor testing the act out! x)

Below is a gif showing “portals” that take player between locations and eventually between islands (until sailing itself will be added);

The locations are temporary in the gif, not actual things you’ll encounter, it just showcases some simple “travel” between locations ^^

Basically early on travel between islands will be done by just interacting with the ship’s wheel (once all required conditions for travel are met) and then game loads the new island. Later on when sailing is added, the player needs to prepare a bit more, and then The Unnamed will sail to where the player wants to go. 

Sailing as a feature will come a lot later though, as we want to get all the core gameplay in prior that, and then focus mainly on just content and the sailing system itself. It’s likely there’ll be a few islands accessible as a “quick travel” prior actual sailing is a thing ^^

On the modding front we’re working on Steam Workshop support for sharing mods :3

Test mod uploaded through our internal build and same loaded in-game:

We’ll be working on other methods for sharing mods too, but it’ll be a bit more manual than on Steam (thanks to Steam’s automated browsing and downloading system) ^^

Also! Devil is in the details (and also in slightly fake gears I guess, but that’s what steampunk things are!) :3

With luv <3