[PAID] Call for additional Hunt and Snare Character Writers!

We’re looking for additional writers for Hunt and Snare to help fill our islands up with colorful characters, some to expand the lore and build up the world, others just for nice little casual bang bangs <3

Our game is very LGBTQ friendly, as such you will be writing characters of all spectrums of the rainbow and all facets of life (within the game universe), including sexual acts between various kinds of characters.

Hunt and Snare has two tones of storytelling; The slightly darker macro scale stories involving the Dragonfire Fleet, and then the more down to earth stories about characters within the world. Generally the vast majority of writing is more light hearted and nice tho! The macro scale is more “This exists on the seas” and for the vast majority of characters the Dragonfire Fleet’s internal fights and battles with the Scraven Pirate Fleet have no direct impact on their lives.

This is a paid long term commission work, paid by word, but strictly for people familiar and interested in Hunt and Snare and people confident enough to write dialogue. We are a tiny team and we don’t have time to start teaching the world up from zero nor train someone from ground up. Don’t let it discourage you though, because enthusiasm and love for writing can fill in quite a few holes if need be ^^

What to expect as your tasks as a writer (sorted by frequency of tasks, from most frequent to least);

  • Write additional characters based on existing lore and occasionally introduce new pieces of lore for players to dive into. Each character is approximately 2000-5000 words based on complexity.
  • Write full acts for characters, these are sex acts with introduction, outro, and descriptions for act phases unique to character these are written for. A full act tends to run around 2000 words per character.
  • Write additional fluff in the form of “books” or “notes” players can discover in the world. These can be any length, sometimes just tiny snippets of text, other times they can be even short stories.

What do we expect from you;

  • Ability to write in a consistent style adopted from Hunt and Snare’s writing.
  • Ability to create and plan unique characters that are down to earth and feel real.
  • Able to work at a decent speed and write multiple characters per month.

How to apply

Read through our writing guide document and familiarize yourself with example conversations from Hunt and Snare, and then write a 500 word sample character conversation showcasing writing style, dialogue writing, and your basic understanding of Yarn syntax.

We will teach you properly how Yarn works and all that later, but you need to be able to write within the requirements of our system to be considered, it just doesn’t have to be perfect ^^

If you’re picked, we will have you continue on the same character and finish it up before going forward to next ones. Keep this in mind, but you do not have to write nor plan more than that!

This document gives a basic rundown on our conversation system; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qC1mfFz4js-dQ8Liw00crYQSKbJCBlu3YQQ9cy0r4xk/edit?usp=sharing 

You can find full conversation examples in our modding reference here; https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/fm4jsd3zkeublovwusugq/h?rlkey=79zg7wz5mbd4j3jfnwchros81&dl=0 (Do note that _cheatsheet.yarn.txt contains all our conversation functions that are currently supported!)

While we won’t necessarily have time to comment on samples, here is a list of things that are important for the sample;

  • You write coherent and good English (so basically, you’re not I, Ruffleneck, in your wordings xD).
  • You’re able to match the style and tone of other Hunt and Snare characters.
  • You write creatively and can expand the lore of the game with your writing without direct input from other developers.
  • Your humor, if needed in writing, is more situational and happens naturally and cleverly, instead of scene built to support humor (Ruffleneck, I, has a very dry sense of humor that can be described as a lack of humor)
  • The lines of NARRATOR: and SPEAKER: (your character here) are short and the player has a chance to react to the situation and choices of reactions cover a variety of things the player may want to say or react to given the situation.
  • The conversation should flow naturally without long monologues.
  • The syntax of the conversation doesn’t have to perfect, but should showcase basic understanding of the Yarn syntax we use (see the information document and conversation samples)

For delivery of the sample, please paste your raw text to https://pastebin.com/ and copy the resulting link to the Google form and fill in the other spots and send it to us <3

Application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSde_jocobwMlNEhnPoi–2hkQtXLN3fpBwJV08eHAARJAqTmw/viewform?usp=sf_link
You have until 23th of October, 2023, to apply <3

With luv,