Snippets XXXXIII – Crew and Screw Co.

(We’re not going to talk about the cover screenshot yet :3)

New crew manager that will be added in the next release <3

It’ll allow you to set your active landing crew and can pool a much larger selection of crew than before. These are still all “minor crew” aka sailors ^^

We went through several options for the maximum crew, and, uh, settled on 46 (38 on ship, 8 on landing crew) because it was kinda the absolutely minimum skeleton crew for a same size sailing ship. Actual ship of The Unnamed’s size would have had a full crew of 340 crew, but it kinda feels unrealistic, so we settled on 46 instead xD

Here’s a small gif showing it in action ^^

And a bit longer gif doing the same x)

Here’s a sample of “lore note” type of item function. It has a fallback slides in case too much text was on screen, but normally it shouldn’t show up unless using bigger fonts ^^

Also shows some layouting options for text positioning ^^

Modding example of combining custom items together ^^

Modding .pail showing definition of item combination (sneaky on top) and custom dyes ^^

Also, not for next build, but scalers for spawners so we can start adding smaller and larger subspecies. Here’s a Juin sized ful, just using ful as a test canine ^^

The first small subspecies will be desert bunnies on Saardan when it’s ready for deployment. Will get unique set of acts too ^^

This is the medium sized one, the current one. (She looks a bit smaller than player, but I think it’s just the angle xD)

And the larger one! She is slightly smaller than Bosun, but same size as the lumbermill big kitty ^^

A short character loop preview with temp characters (short lizard and medium size heev) ^^

As for progress on the next release; We’re short some writing on Heev and world map needs some background audio, but besides that all the features and stuff are in ^^

We’re also looking for additional writers (of which I will post a separate post later on!) as it turns out having filling 3 islands with NPCs, with 4th looming already at decoration stage, requires quite A LOT OF WRITING xD

I’m sorry it is taking so long for this build. We’re definitely approaching the release of it, but it still takes a bit more. Please bear with us <3

With luv <3