Snippets XXXXII – By the Skiir’s Bleeps, I have been redyed!

Near Iskaai and Herlstead while on sailing map ^^

There’s a reason we start with this image, and the reason is that it looks really nice. That’s it! I mean, it also shows a few things I want to write about :3

First of all is probably the most apparent thing; The two big lines starting with “to” and an island name starting from the Herlstead port. What are these? What is this gui gimmicky and trickery? Why are there large lines on the pretty sailing map?!

Good question!

Those display the primary sailing routes around Skiir. Basically “These are the routes everyone sails when going between islands”. You can follow them, probably run into some things along the way and so on, or you can go your own way, possibly evade problems or run into different kind of problems.

Sometimes the fastest trip is not the one following the main routes, but these will also act as kind of a guide for you. Want to go to Kizan from Harakeen? Don’t remember where it is? Follow the common sailing route to Skiia and then take the route south to Kizan itself.

In the first pass the sailing map is mostly just for going between the existing islands and there won’t be much reason to go outside the beaten path, but in subsequent releases we’ll add more stuff to the world map ^^

The other information on the map is the banner. What is it exactly? Lemme tell you :3 

The banner itself is fairly self-explanatory; It just shows the name of the port or docking place and name of the island under it.

Below it is a list of banners. These tell you what factions are present on the island. It is mostly just fluff, but occasionally the factions present may change ^^

Here in on Herlstead and Iskaai there’s three factions; The Herlstead Commonwealth, and yes, they’re basically independents. The second banner is that of Merchant Order, and the last one is a secret x)

Sailing out of Kirhaal at night. You can see there’s different factions present on Skiia than on Iskaai. Namely the Dragonfire who owns the island, the Scraven because of Scraven things, and The Port Authority ^^

The thing with a light right under “to Kizan” text is a travel marker. Your sailing target cursor one could call it.

Not all images will be night shots, I just like the night xD

Here’s our little Lone Rise and it’s one lone banner (for now anyways)


Heading back north ^^

It didn’t actually suddenly become night, I just got distracted and sailed around in circles for a while x)

Passing Skiia at night <3

And yeah, this set of routes is pretty tight because all three islands are almost parallel vertically x)

Also yes, you can disable the routes if you don’t want to see them or just want to take screenshots, but a lot of things will be built around them in the future ^^

Here’s some screenies without them;

Maximum zoom level. The Unnamed is so smol now x)

And as close as it gets basically ^^

Back to sailing routes. I really love ‘em myself. It is much more immersive in-game than it looks from the screenshots ^^

The first pass of sailing is basically only missing sounds now, otherwise it is done ^^

So to the next topic!

Context menu! How exciting, is it not? It actually is!

The first function is “Combine”, basically some items can be combined together to get a different item. In this case it is just a mock up Drathek did to show combining two items together, but it could be anything basically ^^

The second function is “Discard”. Yes, you’ll be able to trash items without using trashbins because… uh, well, yes xD

Third function is “Dye”. It does exactly what it says, it allows you to dye specific slots in clothes. (Ignore the chest strap not showing colors on icon x))

Here’s an emissive dye ^^

And here is example with more options and such, and how it works. It is safe enough that it knows what dye is applied and where so you can’t accidentally reapply the same color in the already dyed slot ^^

Here is the “Read” function (with some temp stuff from Drathek xD). Don’t worry it won’t actually be that chock full of unformatted text x)

And “Interact” function, again with temp stuff from Drathek xD It basically triggers our conversation system but isn’t literally “talk”, except in the case of the Admiral Rock’s hat, but rather it allows us to do any kind of interaction with it, be it solving a puzzle, or being transported to somewhere weird, or whatnot ^^

On the other front, Hare has been working on random acts for different size followers, namely the shorter one for the desert island ^^

Sometimes it is a bit hard to say which one is the small one, but maybe if you research it closely, you’ll be able to spot it ;3 It is more visible in-game with rotateable camera and all of course!

The desert island will have a desert bunny subspecies, and possibly fennec kind of fox subspecies, so those are where these come in handy ^^

We’ll likely make all species appear as small, default, and large in the future, different species will just have different likelihood of it appearing, with small or large subspecies vastly more likely to be that size

And theeeen, the last thing I promise, are the next two species we are working on;

Hyave, aka the hyena species and the primary members of the Scraven Pirate Fleet. Just a simple untextured mesh. Next up for sculpting, and then texturing ^^

I haven’t yet decided on the fur for them, but a punk mane is probably a must xD

Puur, a deer/gazelle kind. Not a major species per se. A little bit more rare around Skiir akin to the Heev. Nothing like the more populous quartet of species; Faelain, Davh, Kizan, and Hyave ^^

With luv <3