Snippets XXXXI – Saardan progress, sailing, and cameras!

Above is a screenshot of progress on Saardan’s “main” biome, kinda a mix between savannah and a desert ^^

A spiky biome is visible behind the trees and other plants, and red deep desert further away.

The “spiky tooth” biome that was visible in the screenshot before ^^

Random view that looks nice ^^

Different kind of cacti

Another big cacti, and more red desert in the background ^^

Sailing map icon markers. Still using temp icons, but the location names will have a big banner to them and under it will display the factions present on the island ^^

Faction flags for islands ^^

Do note that Hunt and Snare is super serious, so the faction flags are;

  1. Baker’s Guild
  2. Dragonfire Fleet
  3. Merchant Order
  4. Grimlock Enterprises
  5. (map gui banner, forgot to crip it out, oops)
  6. Pirates (of Jottes and Koill)
  7. Scraven Pirate Fleet
  8. Herlstead
  9. Smugglers
  10. Port Authority
  11. Cartographers’ Guild

Below is ship sails and such;

The basic sail rig, allowing masts to rotate and sails to re-orient. Some sails are bound to the ship itself, like the bottom big sails and the back sail, so they don’t fully rotate but rather rotate relative to the ship ^^

Also basic idle on waves <3

Furling and unfurling the sails (sails in “no wind” mode, so no bulge!)

Sail bulge based on wind. The triangle sails also have a direction, but it’s not bound yet, just showing how it looks ^^

Also a funny bug. Poor Unnamed xD

Also also I recently realized we have… uh… old icons for POV cameras, so here’s a new POV icon and a new icon for a new camera mode :3

Speaking of new camera mode. Flycam! Or dronecam, depends on how one wants to call it. It is for Showroom primarily, buuut… well, read on ^^

There’s two modes for it basically, you can either control it with hotkeys to freeze the game while using the camera, or automatically freeze when “detaching” the camera. You can take some cool screenshots with it, if you’ve seen those screens I took with the smiling yellow kizan with a gun, I took with our internal camera, and this is basically the same ^^

The benefits of pause vs unpause is basically that with pause you can take stills, but with unpaused you can record cool videos better xD

It is primarily for acts and showroom, buuuut…

…it is so much fun it would be criminal to not allow it on island gameplay too. It is disabled on island by default tho because it is kinda cheaty, but it’s not a hidden feature or anything like that ^^

The upcoming build is still some ways off because, uh, “I still want this feature in”, “Wait, because we did this, I want to add this one too!” is my second and third name ^^’

Saardan won’t be in the next build yet, rest of the stuff will be tho! …I hope it’s not going to be in the next build xD

I don’t have any new nice Pride month art because I’m a scatterbrain, but TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. And this game and our communities are LGBTQ+ friendly from the very bottom up <3

With luv <3