Snippets VII – TITNOTD Trash Is The Name Of The Day… err!

I was doing something completely different when I suddenly noticed the perfect placement of windows xD

(Also if you look closely, you may spot something upcoming, not in this release though, spooky)

Fleet-Admiral Horveek’s Dragonfire fleet jacket. It is a variation of the stylish admiral jacket in game. Someone said he looked a bit “mundane” with a regular version of the jacket, looks lil bit more menacing now! ^^

Also, I did a small quality of life pass on the main text font in Hunt and Snare. It’s not a huge change, but slightly thicker and pristine lettering in the new version (below) makes it a lot faster to read on glance.

And yes I still don’t want to switch to basic verdana or calibri for readability!

Trash cans now spawn with… trash! How exciting isn’t it!? It does feel a lot realer now though, also there’s chance for some cool items too, not really anything you haven’t seen yet, but cool as in valuable and nice to get :3

Also there’s some super rare special mysterious trash! <3

Trash cans in r5.26, when it comes in 30th, will refresh several times per day, so keep digging… …I guess? Yes! :3

With luv <3