Snippets VIII – Road Ful of Furs

All fuls (foxes, for those who don’t know the in-game name for them) in game currently are just regular davh with fox colors. In short term (next build-ish) the fuls will finally get a proper davh subspecies morpher for them; That means, while they share a lot of davh features, they’ll be more fox like and will have more foxy features ^^

For davh it means that they basically “lose” the ful skin and tail as an option, but it only affects new characters and later on in the game you can add any of the subspecies features between the main species.

Also for those keeping track of species in-game, these don’t count towards the “number” we’re aiming for and isn’t a full blown species x)

Some terminology to explain this better; 
A species are “unique” to each other, like faelain, davh, and kizan are all different species.
A subspecies are a minor difference to the main species, like in case of the ful, it is a subspecies of species called as davh. Largely the same, with some unique visuals and/or options depending on subspecies. The ful is basically a “common” subspecies of the main species davh ^^

Here is Sinnae, in all her glory, as a proper ful instead of a davh like now:

More fuls later on!

Below is act placement helpers for modding;

And here is a “full example” of adding an NPC with act in game; If you look at the top left corner of the gif where the cursor is pointing, you can see the “Point” Pos: and Rot: flash green; That’s showing what values you’ve just copied from the modding tools-

– And then pasted in to .pail modinfo for location information, so that it’s as easy as it can be to add locators :3

In above you can also see some of our Yarn (basically a conversation parser we use to handle texts) we use to write conversations with ^^

And ta-dah! Custom conversation, with custom NPC, that uses an act as animation that you could write full text on like we’ve done with all NPCs :3

I’m also finally replacing the faelain’s and davh’s fur to more advanced and prettier fur and wanted to take a screenshot of how it looked like when I had wrong values for the faelain xD

Bed head!

So fluffy! :3

With luv <3