Snippets IX – Sex Means Six

Well, to be honest, six means gunplay improvements right now! Above you can see some of the basic changes;

– The firing animation is now (well, next patch!) a lot less “kicky” so that it doesn’t ruin your second shot as easily.

– The smoke from firing no longer obscures your vision nearly as badly; It now basically ejects most of the smoke from the side (where the chamber meets when the rifle is opened) and only some from the front, again, allowing second shot a lot faster and a lot more easily.

– The flash is prettier (I think anyways xD)

– You can now see the bullet trajectory when it falls; It is a bit hard to spot, but you can see trails and a “dark dot” where the tranquilizer is falling at ^^

Same in night; You can see the bullets drop and land on the nearby shore!

There’s no mechanical changes to the gunplay or bullet trajectories besides slightly faster second shot, it just mostly gives better feedback on the gun use itself ^^

The firing animation itself is ~25-33% faster, which is the only mechanical change.

Also in the r5.26.1 patch will be some fixes to the swimming effect. It’s, like the gunplay visual changes, less obscuring and nicer to look at ^^

Sploosh and boom boom!

With luv <3