Snippets X – Welcome to the Jungle!

It is misty at the top, spooky jungle below!

Still very much WIP, lighting is largely similar to Skiia still, so the overall mood will go through many changes before it is “visitable” in-game ^^

The jungle itself is far below the sea level and there’s massive waterfalls all around the island. Massive WIP waterfalls, they’re animated, but missing particle effects, so they look more like animated waterwalls than waterfalls at the moment x)

Jungle jungle here :3

Eek! Blue veins on the mountains. Spooky!

Misssty and spooooookyyyyyyyy!

Spooooo-… nah the jungle won’t be spooky per se, but it’ll be more dangerous than Skiia ^^

I like big waterwa-… falls! It’ll look really cool when there’s particles and all there :3

On the other front; NPC base poses, for new NPCs and for modded NPCs in future. These are just the standing sets, but will be sitting sets and such too ^^

Also; A funny gif :3

To borrow Drathek’s comment: “Very scifi ship warp in (its just camera view distance but lol)”

With luv <3