Snippets III – Debugger and Dehugger

Single loop full act preview (with fake background scene xD)

Also look at how pretty the underwater now looks <3

There’s really no plans for underwater gameplay, but sometimes the camera accidentally gets under the waves and you got a weird buggy transparent square in the past but that’ll be fixed for the next build with properly pretty underwater :3

For next stage of modding (won’t be in the next build, but the build after that) we’ll need to give some basic debugging tools for modding and one of the most important tools is location debugger; It prints out where player is, what rotation player has, what is the object player is looking at, and what point player is looking at. This is from earlier iteration of the debug location printer:

And here’s more formatted print view:

Husky is currently working on hotkeys for copy pasting the debug information too, so that modders won’t need to screenshot or paper and pen the numbers when placing NPCs :3

With luv <3