Snippets II – Accessibility tweaks

There’s a lot of things Hunt and Snare needs to improve on the accessibility front, but one of the most barebones problem is the important information delivered by the item mouse over info ^^

In here is an example of a mundane leg item:

The information missing were the rarity as text, which for anyone with color blindness was basically information that didn’t even exist properly, and for anyone else who didn’t know the tiers, it was misleading or lacking. In here you can see a “Mundane” item, the lowest rarity tier. Now it’s possible to identify AND match rarities with color and name of the rarity more easily.

Also another information that was severely lacking was what kind of item something is, which is now displayed on the other side of the === divider. In this case it’s a Legs item, but in the gif above you can see other types too ^^

And third important information missing was the color of the item. It is basically parsed into the hover information, but gets more important when dyes are finally added in game. Rarity itself doesn’t really mean much in Hunt and Snare, besides being nice to have, but lack of color description was a lot bigger accessibility issue.

Another example:

This is an uncommon “misc” item, so basically just uncommon loot, but easier to identify ^^

Gif showing basic {tag} parsing for name:

It is old gif, so it’s lacking the rarity and item type information, but you can see how it’s basically added. The {ColorR} is a color slot on item, not actual color which is “manually” given per item for now, but dyes will have a color name too which is then automatically added when item is dyed ^^

Dyeing itself will come later, but just wanted to show it ^^

With luv <3