Snippets I

Screenshots from upcoming Showroom atmosphere overhauls; Gone are the table and other props that were in the scene just so that animations can be played in place, there are some background noises now instead of complete silence, and some scenes have been touched a lot, and new ones added (though for clarity’s sake we used to have indoor scenes at some point, but those weren’t very good and I wanted to remake them).

The Birch scene is largely unchanged visually because it was the most complete to begin with, only the animation props are added;

The Desert scene now has proper atmosphere colors to it so it looks a bit different than the Birch scene did :3 Palms and a rock added so that there are spots for all the act types.

The Winter scene also has different kind of lighting to properly communicate what it is about (cold? freezsex?) and trees for more interesting places to look at (or sex at).

New showroom scene type is a “diorama”; This is the Kess’ wine cellar (oh hey here’s where the old table went!):

Another diorama is the comfortable Inn room :3 (So comfortable they picked the mat instead of the bed!)

With luv,

P.s. Gazes are bit too far in between and too demanding content wise so I tend to hoard things for a Gaze and then have problems posting it because it feels like there’s not enough to show, so here in is Snippets, a snippy name for Gaze that has only one thing in it xD