Gaze XXXVI: Thems the Plans!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make a small update on what we’re currently working on. First and foremost I hope everyone’s year has started better than the prior one, or if not, I hope your year becomes better than the one before! A massive thank you to everyone who’ve tried, given feedback, supported, and in general played Hunt and Snare. You all mean the world to us :3

This year has largely started with bug fixing, polishing, and optimizing Hunt and Snare further and internally refactoring some things to be more streamlined code wise. Could call it “spring cleaning”; Easier to work once the slate is clean and ensures there’s no major roadblocks down the line ^^

Following are our current goals; Do note that they’re current, but not carved in stone. Some things may take over as higher priority goals, or some may just have to be pushed to later date depending on various factors in development, but should generally give some idea what to expect from Hunt and Snare ^^

Our current short term goals (next few releases):

FIXES: Fix bugs and polish existing systems (the primary goal this very moment).

CHARACTERS: New NPCs with conversations/full acts (always the goal x)).

VISUAL: Replace vaginas with species specific ones (includes option to override genitalia to “generic” one with few combinations). Below is old image from earlier Gaze:

VISUAL: Replace fur with more advanced fur strands instead of layers as is now (more optimized and prettier, but older graphics cards won’t see benefit over current set up).

Note the body fur bits are just a test. And likely you’ll be able to pick and mix different kinds of furring styles for the character, at least in the long term ^^

ITEMS: Add new guns for hunting (Dart; The single shot rifle seen on guards, and Feller; A for shot revolver).

LOCATION: Add a second island; Kizan (the jungle island, like old Skiia, will be rather barebones upon release and we’ll add things as we go along). The initial purpose for it is just to hunt the Kizan proper ^^

Onfe’s concept for Kizan. The island is actually way further along than just a concept, but I don’t want to spoil anything about it yet ^^

MODDING: Ability to add new NPCs with conversations and act locations.

(Act placement helper testing, the placement itself will work a bit differently as this is in Unity)

Our current long term goals:

LOCATION: Harakeen, the main city island (will have various “services” and similarly to Kizan will be built as we go along, and access to it is while it’s work in progress).

SPECIES: Add species on a bit more frequent cycle. Next species being Hyeave (Hyena, the Scraven Pirate Fleet primary species) and Heev (Hares, a species more commonly found on colder islands).

Note these are VERY much WIP still. The changes Kizan for example went through from base mesh to finished were pretty insane in the end ^^

Kizan for comparison; First is early blocking up, second was first pass that was nearly complete originally, third is me redoing it first time, and fourth is the actual version that’s in game now xD

SUBSPECIES: Start adding subspecies for existing species. Subspecies are basically variations to the core species, but not vastly different. E.g. Skiian Faelain is the basic feline species, and Lyvfolk is a northern version of Skiian Faelain with some unique features like horns (see Sterling, though she doesn’t have all Lyvfolk features). Expect to see a lot of horns in subspecies, the reason is twofold; Technically all species in Hunt and Snare are semi-draconic, and also I like horns xD

Lyvfolk horns; Sterling has the biggest ones on left, and the middle one is used by Spirit (though Spirit isn’t technically a Lyvfolk).

COMBAT: Start work towards combat, at least in the beginning this is primarily with guns and against pirates and bandits with guns. Skiia is going to be a safe island with no dangers, but other islands are going to be more dangerous, with some being downright hostile.

MODDING: Steam Workshop support and a general mod page or forum for non-Steam mods.

That’s all for now!

With luv <3