Upcoming feature: Modding

The upcoming full release of r5.25 introduces first pass of modding; Custom character patterns and skins, and character mods ^^

What this means in a nutshell is that people can create mods that allow players to download character packs with custom painted patterns, or players to paint their characters and use custom skins for the characters. Do note that creating a mod is a bit more involved process than just setting colors on a character in the editor!

We’ve written a modding booklet that helps you get started on making custom skins for the game; It has a lot of JSON samples and examples on how things can be done and it teaches some basics of Substance Painter which we use to paint skins for characters.

They’re so happy mods are coming!

Do note that it is not possible to add mods in-game itself before the r5.25 is released (soon, tm), but you can start building your mods even prior with help of the guide. We’ve tested several types of mods quite extensively and the pattern/skin structure is identical to what we use in-game, so anything you do prior release is definitely going to be usable in-game too! ^^

When r5.25 releases we have a few mods for players too, namely a custom skins pack, and a mod that adds Kizan as a prey on Skiia (they’re not native to the island, so you can definitely make a kizan and play one, but they won’t spawn on Skiia itself without the mod). Installing a mod will be really simple though! ^^

You can get Hunt and Snare Modding Booklet here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_Y_qhfS5MJ3GyN9gjk6hTvPiCBoGfZ_oSwIah7r9G2A/edit?usp=sharing

And you can start discovering the joyous world of custom skins straight away! <3

More modding options will come in future; This is just the beautiful beginning!

If you need help in figuring things out or just want to show and discuss what you’re making, we have a #modding channel on Discord for this very purpose! :3

With luv,