Gaze XXXV – Vagina and Penis Snackies, 1500kcal/100g

New candies in progress!

Well, all four vagina insets and the two new penis insets with wilder colors <3

Here’s all in basic colors. From left to right in penis scale there’s Faelain and Davh penises which are currently in game, then is the Kizan penis that comes with the species, and a Smooth penis (toggleable, and selectable). On the vagina scale there’s the new insets for Davh, Faelain, Kizan, and Smooth. Smooth again is both toggleableand selectable ^^

The basic idea of smooth versions is that if people don’t like having the more detailed penises or vaginas, they can toggle all penises/vaginas in game as an option. Some characters will most likely have those by default too, but more options the merrier!

Row of penises; From top to down; Faelain, Davh, Kizan, and Smooth (it is very smooth).

Row of vaginas; From left to right; Davh, Faelain, Kizan, and Smooth.

The Color blending masks are redone for all the genital types and the existing ones are as close to original as possible (for penises). There’s sadly no way of manually upgrading it at will, so there will be slight genital mask change to what you’ve set up before, but it shouldn’t be massive and should in general just look better than before ^^

The new setup is basically universal, so later on you’ll be able to change your genitalia if you prefer non-specie specific one or just want to swap from vagina to penis to vagina. Breasts will be adjustable in-game too once we get there ^^

On the build front; All the stuff is basically in-game now and we’re starting some tweaking, polishing, and testing ^^

Above is Bothre Clawheim with “engineer vest and shirt, and simple pants” :3

If you want Bothre as a character (do note that the horns don’t necessarily work with all acts and he of course doesn’t come with clothes) you can get him by pasting this character code in: `Ψ!(Bothre”+Clawheim$!%!&Ə’!(!)!+!,”-A.!/!0!1wlf2\TN3ĬğĊ4!5.6žųų7žųų8ſ\ľ9ŢoIJ:¼}§;Žşŧ<!=!>PKK?XOOAnddBXOOCnddDXOOEK?8F’$”GnddHXOOInddJXOOKŚ££LĢLLMK?8N’$”OXOOPXOOQXOORXOOSnddTXOOU”+V”!W$!$X8<ė:Ħ9ĘEō6ƏDŠ?o’Ə>ĉBĸ(¡%i!Ə$Ę0Ə”Ə1Ŕ3Ɔ2h.ů-åY!Ω`

Bothre looking at The Unnamed’s poster girl lizard figurehead and wondering why Ruffle rambles so much.