Gaze XXXIV – Trading Edition (Also Will Mess With Numerals Soon!)

The basic trade interface functionality is shown in the gif; You basically transfer items between inventory of the trader and your inventory to prepare a trade, and then money goes either way depending on if you’re selling or buying ^^

The gif is a bit sped up because of the recorder I use, I’m not that twitchy!

Lil rundown incase you haven’t seen earlier Gaze about the inventory concept;

On the trader side it shows the trader’s opinion and mark up and mark down percentages. Basically the better opinion the trader has with you, the better deal you’ll get, but each trader has different amounts they’ll pay when buying items from you, and ask different amounts of profit when selling items to you.

The fleamarket trader in the gif basically buys anything you want to sell, but you get a really bad deal with them. They want to maximize profit by buying really low and selling really high. Each trader of course have different items they generally buy and sell too ^^

On player side is quick counter of your pieces of drake (above, common currency) and Guild Drakes (below, rare currency) in your inventory, so that you won’t have to count all the coins yourself x)

Pieces of drake you normally get when just trading with NPCs, questing, as loot, and so forth. It’s what everyone normally deals with in their everyday lives.

Guild Drakes are basically guild currency, it’s usually only used when trading with guilds (later on). It’s harder to come by and it’s a lot more valuable for everyone. You can convert it to pieces of drake by basically cashing in your “guild tokens”, but it’s not possible to convert the otherway ^^

In the middle is the “seal the deal” -interface; It basically shows you how the currency moves in the trade. Pretty self explanatory ^^

Equipping is as simple as anywhere else; Just drag and drop and go! x)

Classic… erm.. Breast strap style under/outer wear :3

Icons for the first set of clothes. They’ll come in a few preset colors for now, and we’ll have proper dyeing later so that you can dye the clothes (and some other things) you buy or find in-game. All clothes are of course unisex ^^

Some of the clothes have multiple color slots, but generally it’s one customizable color per cloth, and more clothes coming later obviously. There won’t be too many undies in the first version, but that’s definitely on the list later <3

More soon! <3