Gaze XXXIII – Vaginae and Penes

Kizan vagina from “below” and “belowish” to show how it looks from both directions when used (untextured still, just the shape) ^^

The species specific vagina and penis base meshes are now done, next up is sculpting detail and texturing!

The first vagina is the “Smooth” -vagina, basically the default vagina. It’s likely we’re going to have an option for the player to change settings for what vagina and penises are used, default being species specific vagina and penis, and then options to use either or mix and whether or not the player follows the same rules. More options, the merrier ^^ 

Second is the “Kizan” -vagina, basically the sameish shape, but with soft studs like the Kizan penis will have (see below).

Third is “Faelain” -vagina. A bit softer than Kizan one, but following in style of the Faelain penis.

Fourth is “Davh” -vagina. A bit meatier and thicker than Kizan or Faelain vagina, to fit the style of the thicker and meatier Davh penis. The Davh vagina is a bit fancier styled too, because the Davh are more stylish and decorative in general ^^

Same from “below”, you’ve got to imagine the body around it like in the first screenshots x)

“Smooth” -Penis; This is new, similar to the Smooth vagina this will be an option to go with if you don’t want to use the species specific penises for the player or the other character. It’ll be somewhat detailed, but not to degree the species specific ones will be ^^ 

The “Kizan” -Penius. If you remember really old concept art I posted about penis concepts, this was the concept for “Last Stand” style penis ^^

Similar to the vagina, the Kizan penis is spiky at places for extra mileage <3

Eventually you’ll be able to give any penis or vagina type to your character via some totally-not-magical-alchemical -services offered by certain characters later on. Also will likely allow switching parts completely too, we’ll see! Definitely will need new dialogue options if you’ve met someone with X parts, and they’ll have Y parts now, but that’s obviously not an issue x)

Cheers! <3