Gaze XXXII – Bits and Bobs

Here’s a starter set of Kizan tails in “melon” (ish) -color. The base tail type is the soft spiky ones and then there’s spikeless versions as alternatives and a bit thinner version in the end. Generally the lizard tails are thick and meaty ^^

In this image, you can see that the spikes basically have left behind a graphical glitch, especially visible in the fourth tail as it’s right next to the original tail it’s based on. Still need to figure out easy way to fix that (we don’t want to make a custom pattern for each tail type, but instead use the same pattern for all tails like with cat and dog tails), but otherwise I think this is a good set for the base species ^^

People have been asking about a spikier and scalier version of Kizan and yes there will be one in the future when we get into making subspecies.

For those who don’t know, the subspecies are basically different versions of the base species. For example Sterling (the horny… …-ed cat) is a Lyvfolk, a subspecies of Faelain that will eventually be a playable species too. She doesn’t have any special features yet besides the horns, but will have some more unique stuff later on. All cats as a base will be lynx like species tho ^^

As for the Kizan, the current plan (current because plans can change over time!) is that the base species is a shiny skink kind of lizard, and then one of the subspecies is a raptor like feathered lizard, and the other subspecies (everyone gets two subspecies and one main species x)) is a spiky and horny lizard.

The doggy will have the davh as the base species, and then ful (fox) is going to get a bit more special looks and features later on and eventually there will also be a horny dog. And yes, everyone will eventually get horns or antlers as one subspecies and there’s two reasons for it; I like horns (non-lore), and everyone has a bit of dragon’s blood in them (lore) x)

Also I’m currently remaking the vagina from ground up. Currently it is basically attached to the body, and is really simple (heyo, I’m originally a prop artist you know, I used to make guns, medkits, usable items, and such, and my focus wasn’t character art and I’ve been learning as we go along xD) 

This is the old one, as you can see. It is passable, but not really all that great. It’s not optimal mesh wise because it starts closed and there’s a long way to go for the opened up version, so in technical sense, you only get the amount of detail there is by default, and when you morph the mesh to something else (in this case, opened up version) you basically lose detail because of how big the change is.

Contracting is not that bad, you just get more “compact detail” but when you expand something, you lose detail very quickly. And with the old vagina mesh, you basically lose all the detail instantly and that had to be fixed.

So… Lo and behold!

The new version is modelled in “half open” shape, which means that the distance it has to go to the fully opened version is half as long as with the old one. Now, it probably doesn’t seem that big of a deal, but it’s less 2 cm to 4 cm, and more 40 dB to 80 dB when it comes to what happens with textures and actual silhouette when it’s morphed x)

Also funny thing. It has less triangles to it (them magical polygons that all 3D is made off), so it’s more optimal too, and there’s a lot of more shape to it than the old one ^^’

Now, each species will also get species specific vagina (eventually), the base one is likely going to be for the kitties and the vagina for species is not going to be realistic, just different styles and different feels to them, e.g. Davh are meatier than Faelain, and Kizan more angular/spiky/ridged/haventdecidedmatchingpenisyet ^^

The faelain default vagina will be everyone’s vagina until we have the ability to adjust and change genitalia in-game. And yes, you’ll be able to change your vagina, and you’ll also be able to change your penis, that’s definitely something I want to get in-game. I’ve already fixed the penises so that they support it, it’s not perfect yet, but will be when it’s time to go free-penis-for-all mode!

Doggycockykitty and Kittycockydoggy

Cheers <3