Snippets IV – Meet the Lizard

Post cover image is just a lizard going to meet a lizard (also I realized I took other screenshots with different characters, harh! I switch characters constantly so it happens easily xD)

In the next build you’ll meet the first major plot important character; Fleet-Admiral Horveek of the Dragonfire Fleet. He is a Skiirborn and second highest ranking member of the Dragonfire Fleet, one of the two main fleets on Skiir (other one being the Scraven Pirate Fleet). Skiirborns are the closest children of Skiir, and whereas other species have a tiny speckle of Skiir’s blood and Kizans have only slightly more than others, the Skiirborn are genetically a lot closer to Her and exhibit more draconic features than other species due to it.

His, uh, gun is attached to his groin via gravity because he has a huge gravidonger!

His initial encounter is slightly shorter, only… *checks* …oh.

Well, he’ll have a lot more to say throughout the course of the game xD

He will also have a full act available for anyone with a vagina, but will for certainly have penis encounters later on too! ^^ The initial act preview post is here:

Also the build is closing completion; It is a bit smaller build, so it took less time to make and a huge part of it is fixes, polish, and improvements. We’re soon starting our internal testing round, and after that it’s release date will be announced ^^

With luv <3