Gaze XXIV – Fish and Ships

Temporary ship will be gone! Hooray!

A model ship :3


The Kirhaal bay looks so much better now that the wreck isn’t there! The old ship was in fact literally a wreck, it’s the one where you can find the very angry hat from x)

Big ship needs a double wheel. Double wheels are sexy :3

Front to back!

Captain’s cabin (lower floor). Will probably move stairway a bit to the side to make more space. It’s fairly cozy tho! :3

Lower “gun deck” :3

Below the gun deck. There’s cargo hold below this one ^^

There won’t be much inside the ship in the first builds, probably non-accessible at the start too, but there will be some interaction and characters to meet on top of the ship (Juin definitely needs to return to the ship, and potentially some recruitable NPCs from Kirhaal).

We’ll expand it further and decide how we want the customization and sailing work as we go along ^^


Holding the gun right when sneaking!

Testing over the shoulder shooting. 

Thus far a lot more enjoyable than iron sights and once the first preview build is done and out with over the shoulder shootin’, we can decide on which one to go with in the long run ^^

Also added bonus, the middle screen dot makes talking to NPCs and interacting with things a lot easier, so we’ll probably add that in the options (not sure what we’ll default with yet tho!) x)