Gaze XXV – Did you know a skele weights a ton? A skele-ton! OH NO! I PUNNED!


A small update on progress and other things related to upcoming build! ^^


We’re pretty much complete with the controller replacement; Effectively the new controller is more stable, shooting less fiddly, and the camera is a little bit smoother. There are also some basic improvements to it that aren’t necessarily that apparent at this point, but future proofs various things better (e.g. adding new weapons, different ammo types, and so on). Thus far I like the over the shoulder shooting more, but we’ll have to gather feedback on it <3

Inventory system is complete, and we’re now working on actual equipping of items (technically binding of items to characters based on slots items are put in). There are, currently, 119 items. Most of them are “loot” with a little bit of fluff and lore, but many of the items also have usage now (like 30 piercings and 2 hats (same kind, one of them unique and other just rare)) or in the future (e.g. dyes won’t be usable in the first preview build, but will get more and more use as we go along) :3

The spawner is extended to allow spawning of males with vagina, and females with penis. It also allows adjusting spawning percentages now (which was disabled before, I think!) and defaults to spawning all, but a higher percentage on female and male, and slightly smaller percentage for male with vagina and female with penis. Obviously you can adjust that more to your liking ^^

The new ship is done. It won’t be decorated much yet tho, because we need to decide how we want to handle that in the future before that, and primarily the ship access will only be on the topside instead of under the deck for now… also currently you’ll get sea in the cargo hold, because we need to “cut” hole in the water for the ship (sea in games is usually just a big flat plane that reaches for kilometers in all directions), which means we’ll have to adjust the sea system for the ship itself, that’s the second reason for why you won’t be able to go under the dck for now xD

We rebuilt our NPC animation setup to support “additive expressions” instead of “canned expressions” like now. Basically it just means that NPCs can have a lot more different kinds of expressions instead of being limited to a pre-made set. More freedom for the writer(s) to do their work, while animator(s) can focus on acts instead ^^


There are five characters that are missing their basic poses, but a lot of goody text there :3

Added additional detail layer for characters so that you can apply “paintings” to your characters, they’re basically “one shot” types; You get a painting pattern, and then you apply paint, and you can apply additional paint over with that color over your character. The example here is primarily just a test, but you can get that in-game too. Quite Halloweeny, a bit late from Halloween, but hey…! It does look great tho! I’m not sure how big of a set we’ll have at the start, but something along the lines of a dozen or two (variations included). 

Also I added it to everyone for fun x)

Editor’s note: Ahem.

There’s two full acts being worked on, one of them missing “variations” (each loop has three loops that it shuffles with) and the other basically complete. One will most likely come in the first preview build, and the second (or more, depending on how many we get to do) in the second preview build ^^

All in all not a massive amount of work left, but it’ll take a bit more! ^^

I recorded some random gifs, mostly bugs, but also just some cool technical things(s) ^^

Editor’s note: Old controller to the trashbin!
Editor’s note: Wavy flag!
Editor’s note: Dancing carrot cat! Stop!

With luv <3