Gaze XXVI – Small times lead to big times <3

Editor’s Note: Clean and pretty. Vaguely matches the character. Just like paperdolls should be <3

Lil progress update! We released r5.25 preview build 1 on January 10th which primarily brought in the new character controller and shooting mechanics, and the first pass of inventory system (and piercings) along with rather large replacement of audio (nearly all audio we had besides the character unfs which were also added to spooking and hitting them, and also ambient sounds).

We’re currently working on preview build 2; The progress is good and we’ve thus far done first internal pass on crew equipment (ability to equip items on crew members, though mostly it is currently only for piercings and hats), huge optimization pass on vegetation (basically should remove majority of random freezes AFTER the initial load in), inventory menu reorganization (proper tabs, equipment separate from piercings, and background images and some extra decoration for snazziness), and actual sound track added (composed by Michael Forrester (secret name), has day, night, and ship themes).

There’s obviously bunch of fixes and improvements too, like Drathek basically redoing my horrible hackjob of ambient sound zones into something that actually sounds and feels great instead of just vomiting some vague area specific sounds x)

Editor’s note: Big hat for big dog!

As for what’s still on the to-do-menu; We’re switching the Follow/Unfollow and Recruit/Release switches to a simplified “crew management conversation” which supports more functions (equipping, telling them to return to base, etc) and eventually will also allow us to have random crew with personalities, also there’s MxM act needing lil setting up and another NPC with FxFM act that’ll need more writing and setting up (both will be parts of the original ship crew). 

Editor’s Note: Cook Pinch in a development scene void!

Also I’m experimenting with some fur improvements, but I’ll show some things later (not for the next preview build!).

With luv,

Also, p.s. We’re looking for one level designer. Consider this an early closed recruiting round. Will post a separate post next week! 

Link to application form: