Gaze XXVII – Smooth Sailing (on Land)

Heya everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence; Been a bit chaotic lately. Not just with the coronavirus (Please wash your hands and follow your local guides on interaction and stay safe!) and things related to it, and things unrelated to it, but also lil restructuring of the team; Some of you already knew, but Nullbunny has left the team to focus fully on an awesome furry nsfw platformer called as Kincaid ( Do check it out and say hi from me!). This is also why we’re looking to expand the team, to both fill an opened seat and to also fill a new seat for Level Designer ^^

There was some very cool applications, and I’m still going through them and some of you will get a small design test to do so that we can find the best fit for the team <3 There wasn’t a huge amount, but decent selection, mostly the reason I haven’t gone through all of them is because I’m focusing on build. Do note that no one has been replied yet, I’ll send tests over at the same time ^^

The progress towards the next preview build is good; My task list is just barely in double digits (it starts with a tenner!) and there’s some things Drathek still wants in, but everything else is basically done <3 Obviously there can always be surprises and weird turns when it comes to game development, but majority of the remaining tasks are really minor (like fix this line there, add this item, and so on) and shouldn’t take too long to make.

Proper mouse over information for items. For those who don’t know, Hunt and Snare will have  dual currency; Normally items will only be available either with Guild Drakes (Not shown in hover info) or Pieces of Drake (The copper coins shown). This of course doesn’t mean much before there’s a proper trading system in, but always best to build with future in mind ^^

The guild drakes are something you’ll get when you bring cured back to the guild and from some quests you do to various guilds. Those are used to buy some rare things you can’t get otherwise. You’ll be able to convert guild drakes to pieces of drake, but not other way around. Pieces of drake will be used for normal trading. And, just the remind everyone, there won’t be “free to play” aspects to Hunt and Snare, not that kind of a game ^^’

As for the next race, the lizard/dragon; It is coming. I doubt anyone has forgotten about it, I sure have not, I’m just a bit of a perfectionist with it, and I’ve redone it again, and I’ll redo it until it’s great. Current version is the third version from ground up. I’m not going to show the version, but it is going to be re-… err… unveiled soon™ x)

Debyrrah, the very “secret” (only because of the cropping xD) wheel mate is the other crew member coming in the next build. They’ll have act with female characters, where as the Pinch in earlier Gaze is for male characters ^^

Above is a video showing test cut with music. It’s a bit better timed in-game now, and there’s old gui shown in the video ^^

More soon!

With luv <3